Triad Safety Training

The goal is to have time with loved ones.


We want to help ensure that you return home safely everyday by providing Ministry of Labour approved courses.


We will help you create, implement and maintain Ministry-approved safety programs.


We will help provide on-site compliance reviews/reports in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and applicable regulations.

Welcome to Triad Safety Training

We are committed to advocating the health and safety of all individuals in the workplace by providing comprehensive education and training.

Focused on the Occupational Health & Safety Act we are able to offer you a range of Ministry of Labour approved courses specifically for our thriving construction industry.

Helping to ensure that every worker returns home safely to their families at the end of every day.

Helping to create safer workplaces.

Helping to create a culture of workplace health & safety.

Helping to ensure you return home safely everyday.

Safety Training